IntelliSearch goes Haive

The market is changing, and so are we. We are no longer IntelliSearch – we are Haive.

By Lasse Ruud, CEO at Haive

Our customers’ needs are not about search anymore. It is about gathering knowledge and information to extract insight. That is why we are now changing our brand to Haive and reaching out to an international market with a new market approach. By putting Haive at the center of your business, we aim to help you create an intelligent workplace.

We help create your corporate brain

Data and information are the goldmine of the future. Haive will help companies create their very own corporate brains, which enables you to find, analyze and create value from data, ensuring that business opportunities are not lost, and that work is carried out more efficiently.

The company name and brand, Haive, reflects our new ambitions. A hive is a place that gathers your most important assets, and all organisms work decentralized while contributing to the greater good. Haive is defined as “To be in possession of something important”. We believe information is the biggest asset of any organization, which is also why we have adopted Haive as our corporate brand name.

We are an AI company

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a corner stone in our new market offering. Our aim is to help companies create internal knowledge hubs that gather, analyze and share insight to the right persons at the right time.

AI is often described as swarm intelligence, metaphorically understood as how bees work together to create superorganisms. When information is filtered through the corporate brain, you create an intelligent organism where the right data, flows to the right person, at the right time. Your corporate brain takes the form of an artificial assistant providing insight and intelligence to all.  

We create solutions for the intelligent workplace, analyzing and making use of text and visual content in the enterprise. By combining artificial and human, your corporate brain delivers new standards of corporate intelligence. Imagine the business benefits when your organization is able to utilize all your knowledge!

Who is Haive for?

Haive is for any organization that needs to use data more wisely and efficiently. We have delivered smart solutions mostly for Norwegian customers, for decades. Our new offering, and the solutions we are currently developing, reflect the need to create insights from data in order to utilize them better.

A corporate brain will benefit companies when making decisions, in the daily work, in customer and supplier management and more. This need is equally present in a global business environment. As our solutions are language agnostic, we will reach out to an international market, and are looking forward to establishing new relations in Norway and beyond.

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