Local government search

Providing smart access to information is the fast-track to free up time for more value-adding tasks.

Local government are important for the well-being of the population, and to secure critical services for the inhabitants. They are also faced with strong demands in terms of efficiency, accountability and transparency. As with any organizations of some size, municipalities have huge amounts of data. Inside these large amounts of data, there is knowledge within many areas. This information can contribute significantly to improve the fulfilment of expectations to the local government.

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A valuable helper for staff and population

Haive is all about creating intelligent workplaces. We do that through finding, collecting, processing and gathering data into a knowledge hub, that we call “The Corporate Brain™”. These data in this hub are a goldmine, with immense potential value, but finding the gold in the real world is not easy. It requires skills and knowledge.  Therefore enter the “Corporate Brain™ for a local government organization. This has many usages such as improving the memory that improves the ability to find the information needed at any time. It also give the ability to simultaneously find similar and relevant information.

Better case management

A Corporate Brain™ inside a municipality will increase efficiency and consistency in case management. By having the collective overview of all cases processed by the municipality, it is possible to quickly locate decisions on similar cases. Equal treatment of similar cases is of significant importance to the credibility and confidence in a municipality.

This ability might also be a vital tool to properly manage the risk of corruption, another threat to the confidence and efficiency of a local government. Assume that the Corporate Brain™ process and compare huge amounts of various decisions, uses knowledge about the probably “correct” decision of this cases, and analyze deviations. This makes it possible to identify external parties that often get decisions wrongfully in their favour or identify individual public servants that appears to more often make disoptimal decisions.

Better answers to questions

A municipality can also use its Corporate Brain™ to answer questions. This can be achieved through a connection to the site search on the webpage. This will drastically free up time by having less people calling the switch board because they seek answers on information that is already is made available. This site search can also answer questions beyond the information available on the webpage only, as it collects information from various sources.

For example information on political cases and issues and how it is treated, as well as publically available information on the internal case management through the mail journal. Lets not either forget how better search solutions meet an increasing amount of requirements with regards to compliance. The latest of these are GDPR. The GDPR solution from Haive identifies all personal information across systems, and can for instance also be used to monitor specific sources, such municipality’s publically available mail journal to ensure that personal information is not revealed.

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