New solution from Haive: Search as a service for app developers

A new solution provides plug and play search functionality for any application. This ensures developers the building block to quickly integrate high quality search experiences.

An application need to provide users with features to quickly answer questions. Like any other craft, the development of search technology is a highly specialized task that is best handled by experts. At Haive we have developed search technology for over a decade, and have now brought this even further by licensing out our best solutions as a service.  This ensures developers quick access to what they need to integrate search in their apps or databases. Long gone are days with cumbersome coding and boring manual processes.

Search for old and new applications

Haive Engine, which is the name of the new product, ensures that developers have search available for both new and existing applications. Benefits by integrating this function is less risk, faster time to market, and more user friendly solutions for both those develop, and the ones that will make use of the application. Engine is easy to integrate and provides the easiest and best way to implement a truly professional search in applications. There is no need for separate installer and external search set up.

A Norwegian education facility implemented Engine. Read about their experiences here.

All features for search included

Engines search features include:

  • Smart and easy autocomplete for fields
  • Workflow helpers where end-users are given pointers to similar or related items via a backend search
  • Mini-searches in context-specific areas, or a plain old search interface with improved user experience.

The solution also comes with all key features for search, such as synonyms, best bets, lemmatization and/or stemming, numeric searches, advanced categorization, security, advanced relevancy tuning, compound and composite words, unicode, etc. The solution is provided as a subscription service and comes with three key components: The core search-engine, a connector to index your data, and a library to connect the user interface to the search-engine. We provide API’s, documentation and support for implementation. Check out more details on Engine on our solutions site here