IntelliSearch goes Haive

The market is changing, and so are we. We are no longer IntelliSearch…

Less inquiries to the municipality

Asker municipality outside Oslo, Norway, has used Site Search from Haive (previously IntelliSearch) on their website since 2011. They see positive effects on the number of incoming inquiries to the municipality’s contact points.

Search is the new website menu!

The Norwegian educational institution Sonans took the matter in their own hands when they needed a new educational platform for students and teachers. By developing the solution themselves, they have completely adapted to their needs.
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Insight into global markets

Industry giant Yara depend on knowledge about prices on raw materials to compete in a global market. Haive’s solutions ensures that the analysts all over the world can access updated and relevant information.

Local government search

Providing smart access to information is the fast-track to free up time for more value-adding tasks

Assumptions and regulations

Although GDPR came into effect last year, many organizations still lack overview of their data.

New solution from Haive: Search as a service for app developers

A new solution provides plug and play search functionality for any application